Metal Pretreatments

Surface preparation is a crucial first step of the electrodeposition process for every type of metal surface.

Before any electrochemical deposition, the surface has to be completely cleaned and free from oils, oxides and all the impurities to avoid problems referred to:

  • Coating adhesion on the substrate
  • Low performance and duration of the galvanic solution 
  • Low corrosion resistance

For this reason the pretreatment processes are a key step to reach a high quality level of the final surface treatment to be applied on the surface.

Glomax surface pretreatment finishing product line consists of:

  • Degreasing process: physical and chemical mechanisms for the elimination of oxides, greases and dirts
  • Kipling process: oxides elimination through dissolution chemical processes

Degreasing Processes

The degreasing formulations include:

Chemical degreasings

Glomax BEST SC powder chemical degreasing product line includes cleaners suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces, available in different formulations, depending on the type of operative conditions.

BEST SC 291, BEST SC 300 and BEST SC 377 are alkaline degreasing suitable for ferrous materials, on the other hand formulations BEST SC 310 and BEST SC 340, since are just slightly alkaline, are suggested for non-ferrous materials pretreatments.

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BEST SC 155 is instead formulated for aluminum surfaces.

BEST SCE 230, BEST SCE 363 and BEST SCE 399 are included as well in the line as electrochemical degreasings.

Electrolytic degreasings

Glomax owned a wide range of electrolytic degreasing with different formulations. 

One of the first electrolytic degreasing formulations L21, still top seller of this category, has been followed by a new product family named BEST EC

Electrolytic degreasings

Inside this selection of degreasings there are BEST EC 810 and BEST EC 831 suitable for zamak and copper pretreatment. BEST EC 843 is particularly used for copper and brass during the anodic step and BEST EC 906 and BEST EC 888, applied during the cathodic and anodic sequence as well, mainly suitable for ferrous materials. 

Liquid degreasings

Glomax has formulated three liquid degreasing lines: GRIMAX LC, GRIMAX LCE and GRIMAX LS.

Liquid degreasing use is particularly suggested to facilitate preparation and fueling of big size tanks. The advantages of using these types of products involve both safety and work environment. 

In questa selezione di prodotti troviamo: liquid alkaline degreasings GRIMAX LC 801 and GRIMAX LC 803, quest’ultimo adatto per materiali ferrosi e leghe di rame. 

Sgrassature liquide

La formulazione GRIMAX LC 850 invece è un prodotto completo di sali concentrati da utilizzare per la formazione di sgrassature chimiche ed elettrolitiche. The line is also comprehensive of liquid electrolytic degreasing  GRIMAX LS 10, GRIMAX LS 40, GRIMAX LE 160 and universal degreasing GRIMAX UN.

Degreasing additives

Glomax has developed two degreasing additives lines:

ALTAIR: formulated for powder degreasings 

GRIMAX: formulated for degreasing already liquids 

ALTAIR 40 and ALTAIR 90 for instance are suitable for chemical degreasings and ALTAIR 80 both for chemical and electrochemical degreasings. 

Degreasing additives

The choice of the most suitable steps and processes is studied according to the specificities and requests of the customer.

Pickling additives

GLOMAX has formulated a kipling additives line, named ZENIT to be applied as corrosion inhibitors or to speed up the deoxidant power of kipling solutions as well. 

These additives can avoid acid aerosol during the application and support the particulars pretreatment.

ZENIT 19 is an acid additive suitable for pickling, descaling and degreasing of carbon steel and alloys.

It can be used both as a chloridric and sulfuric kipling and it can be applied alone as a zamak activator.

ZENIT 20 is a kipling additive made of costituito da una miscela di sali a reazione acida, contenente fluoruri. Viene utilizzato soprattutto in combinazione con l’acido nitrico e/o solforico nella preparazione di soluzioni di decapaggio per alluminio.

Pickling additives

ZENIT 26 è un additivo per decapaggio che ha la funzione di rimuovere ossidi e facilitare la pulizia dei pezzi. Viene utilizzato per il trattamento di ferro e acciaio.

ZENIT 56 is suitable for extended kipling treatments applications thanks to some inhibitors  per applicazioni con tempi di trattamento di decapaggio prolungati grazie a degli additivi con funzione di inibitore alla corrosione.


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